Student Services Academy

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Delivery of Pupil Personnel Services

This course examines the principles and the role of the Pupil Personnel Worker. It addresses the following key concepts: attendance, custody, residency, homelessness, kinship care as well as other legal issues.


Lauryn's Law

Through this course, educators will explore indicators of mental illness and behavioral distress; including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse.


Why We Drop Out?

This course is designed to inform educators of the various reasons students fail to complete school successfully. Participants will explore research based ideology for the factors that may be predictors of whether students will drop out or graduate f


Homeless Students and the School System

This course will examine federally mandated regulations as well as practical tips to assist homeless families and students.


Engaging Parents

This course examines strategies for effective parent and community engagement, with an emphasis in urban/diverse communities.